Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: UX case study and rebrand.

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Project duration: 8 weeks.

This was a project created as a college assignment for UX case studying and Branding exercises.

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra anyway?

Blackboard is an online interface that is commonly used by Professors to deliver courses online to students. The site allows Professors to run lectures as scheduled in online video calls, allows students to view material and submit work accordingly, and help students keep track of their progress in all of their courses by being able to view grades, due dates, and message instructors when needed. This is currently the interface I am using for remote learning as a design student in Humber College.

Why Redesign?

It was quite noticeable with the amount of complaints being made by students after every new patch Blackboard would release. Students and instructors would point out many flaws that would hinder their usage. Complaints coming from students concerning assignment submission in the site were mostly negative. Keywords used were "confusing" or the process had "too many steps" or "could be simplified."



After pinpointing pain points and looking over the recorded complaints, I have narrowed down the goal of the User Experience to feature the process of submitting an assignment as this was the confusing thing many struggled with.

What was I going to do to make it "better?"

Accesssibility in the site was minimal when it came to navigating going back and forth between pages. In this case, in my redesign, I am going to feature a navigation bar to travel between spaces in a course instead of being caught up in folders. I am also going to simplify the process of submission by getting rid of extra steps and making a more straight-forward travel.

Low Fidelity Sketches

High Fidelity Mock-ups

The "Activity Stream."

This is essentially where students can track due dates.

The "Course Navigation."

This is the space students can view and access their enrolled courses.

The "Course Home."

This is essentially the "home page" of a course when opened. Things like assignments and announcements or any course material is found here. A new navigation bar is docked on top of the page for faster access going in and out of material.

The "Assignment Folder."

This would be the folder interface to view assignments to complete.

The "Submission Spot."

This is the space students reach after clicking an assignment to complete. The submission page features spaces to type, comment, and upload work.

At last.

The wireframes were plugged together in Adobe XD to work as a functioning prototype site.

View prototype

My Key Takeaways.

This is one of my more bigger projects that I took on in my multimedia program in college. This is one project I will say I think has space for a lot more adaptions as Blackboard is a pretty big service. Overall I did have fun rebranding Blackboard and making a prototype of a fixed common struggle.